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Human Beast of Burden

Human Beasts of Burden – the middle class Are the Indian middle-class parents compulsive load-bearing animals? It seems so they are. I am addressing people of our age group who are now anywhere between 60 to 80 years of age. I am one of them. We have the unique capacity to discover burdens out ofContinue reading “Human Beast of Burden”

A Tribute to the Creator of Fridenstal 

A Tribute to the Creator of Fridenstal ,a place with a Special Heart A Summer Family Holiday made special at Fridensatal, a swift get away plan from the Hot Summer of Delhi. With my extended family, I visited Friedenstal, the Peace Valley, from 11th to 12th Jun. During my short stay, I truly appreciated the resort.Continue reading “A Tribute to the Creator of Fridenstal “

Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits

The Story of Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits Sticker pasted on fruits is a usual sight in the market. We usually believe that fruits pasted with stickers are really of high quality. We seldom care to read what is actually written on the stickers. But if we do, we will find that such stickers conveyContinue reading “Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits”

Valentines Day Special

We find Excuses to Celebrate, Who cares for the reason?, a Valentine Story Today my WhatsApp is filled with good wishes for Valentine’s Day. Young lovers are exchanging red roses, chocolates and lately Teddy Bears. I did not know about St Valentine. So I decided to find out. Who else will tell me all aboutContinue reading “Valentines Day Special”

Romance in the Sunset Years

Romance in the Sunset Years Mr Pathak had retired as a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Border Security Force (BSF) about 10 years back. He was now well settled in life. But the boredom of complete order and perpetual silence in their three-bedroomed flat kept him ill at ease. He would often think wistfullyContinue reading “Romance in the Sunset Years”