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Did Gandhari Really Deliver 101 Children?

DID QUEEN GANDHARI REALLY LOVE HER HUSBAND AND ACTUALLY DELIVER 101 CHILDREN? Shakuni was the only surviving brother of Gandhari. Earlier, I wrote a blog on Shakuni, explaining why he was an admirable man, not a crafty conspirator. Now let us talk about Gandhari, the so-called mother of 101 Kaurav siblings. After losing his chance toContinue reading “Did Gandhari Really Deliver 101 Children?”

Logistics and HR Management of the ‘Mahabharat’

Logistics and Human Resource Management of the War of Kurukshetra In the year 1960, when I was a young teenager, I had read the complete Mahabharata in Bengali language. Now, I remember nothing more than the mere broad outlines of the story. However, today as a retired Logistician of the IAF, some down-to-earth questions relatedContinue reading “Logistics and HR Management of the ‘Mahabharat’”

Shakuni- The Afghan Connection in Mahabharata

Shakuni ‘The Mama’ and his Afghan Connection in Mahabharata Indian archaeologists are bringing to light more and more pieces of evidence to confirm the existence of a great civilisation that flourished during the time of Pandavas and Kauravas. As a result, we cannot regard Mahabharata as an epic anymore, as the British would have usContinue reading “Shakuni- The Afghan Connection in Mahabharata”