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Full Body Scanners in Airports

Reason for Full Body Scanners in Airports across the globe For several decades now, Airlines have been grappling with the problem of hijackers. These criminals or fanatics use the threat to blow up an aeroplane with passengers and crew on board to make the authorities give in to their demands.  Transport Security Administration The jobContinue reading “Full Body Scanners in Airports”

A Situational Comedy in Flight

A Situational Comedy in Flight back in 1975 Work in the IAF is a serious affair. Fighter aircraft are unforgiving brutes that demand the highest precision and accuracy. The Smallest error may lead to tragic accidents. As a result of accident,  this expensive inventory of the IAF gets depleted, and sometimes invaluable lives are lost.Continue reading “A Situational Comedy in Flight”

Operation Balakot: 26/02/2019

Operation Balalkot Part 5 At 01.00 am on 26 Feb 2019, the atmosphere in the crew room of Air Force Station was tense. All 12 fighter pilots, fully dressed in combat flying gear, were waiting for the word “scramble”. However, none of the pilots was in a mood to chat. Instead, they were mentally rehearsing,Continue reading “Operation Balakot: 26/02/2019”