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Dis-satisfaction is a part of human nature. Amid the best times, many people experience a craving for something more, something better or something else. But he remains unsure of what exactly he wants.

Some other people spend a lifetime perpetually unhappy inside. He yarns to break free and find his sojourn amidst the quietness of nature where he can have a conversation with his soul. But he remains bogged down with the humdrum of mundane family responsibilities; the compulsions of practical life do not allow him to escape. His heart appears bound in a tight knot of barbed wire with many spikes piercing it cruelly from all angles.

The biography of poet Tagore shows that his life was full of extreme pain tormenting him time and again. Intense mental suffering transcended him to a very high level of spirituality.

He wrote “Geetanjali”. He noted that if the incense stick does not burn, it cannot emit fragrance. If the fire is not set to the wick of an earthen lamp, it will never be able to spread light in the darkness. The world appreciated what he said and honoured him with a Nobel Prize.

 We admire Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose for his unparalleled leadership and immense personal sacrifice for our country’s freedom. He felt deeply insulted to watch the subjugation of India by the British and injustice mated out by them.

It catapulted him to be a rebel and fight for India’s independence. 

The ultimate pain was suffered by Guru Govind Singh Sahib when he sacrificed his beloved sons for righteousness and humanity. In comparison, our sufferings seem to be nothing at all.

If we try hard enough, we can convert our sufferings into creations. It is said, “No Pains – No Gains”.

The deep pains can destroy a lesser human being. But if someone can divert his so-called agony to the positive direction, he can achieve great heights in the fields wherever his heart takes him.


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