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Some people spend their life doing nothing but dreaming. However, those people can not save themselves from the torrent that life brings. Either they drown or land up at places where nobody wants to go. Therefore one must have his feet firmly rooted on mother earth and be practical.
But dreams, too, have their importance in life. Even animals dream. I have seen sleeping dogs and cats moving their paws. But their dreams must be related to food, fight or flight for survival and nothing more.

Human dreams are more complicated. We usually dream while falling asleep or before waking up. This is so because that is the time when we can access our subconscious mind. Mostly such dreams reflect whatever is going on in our subconscious mind. Therefore, dreamless sleep is said to be abnormal.

There are conscious dreams or wakeful dreams too. Before an architect builds a mansion, he creates the building in his mind like visualisation or wakeful dream. And then, he tries to give his visualisation a shape. Wright Brothers dreamt of flying like birds. With dogged efforts, they ultimately built the first aeroplane. It was their dream come true. Similarly, we all have dreams called ambition, and we try to realise them

.Rohnda Byrne, the author of a best seller book, “The Secret”, has taken dreams to even a higher level. She claims with adequate proof that dreams, particularly wakeful dreams, have the power to attract. For example, suppose one can dream intensely to visualise their object of desire; it automatically gets attracted and comes to him miraculously.

Therefore, I conclude that one must be practical but not devoid of dreams. Actually, if one knows how to dream, he can make use of dreams positively.

Ethnic woman with curly hair dreaming

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