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Timeless Time


I was still lazing on the bed when my friend asked me not what the time was but what I thought about time. I thought and thought. Then I concluded that it is the time that is actually timeless.

It was there before the Earth evolved, and it will be there long after the Earth gets destroyed.                                         

Time has been Ticking since the Immemorial past; it helps if managed well, but it is emotionless. 

Time has witnessed the rise and fall of the mighty Roman Empire, watched the magnificent Himalayas rising from the ocean bed to touch the sky. It has also seen the prosperous Indus Valley Civilization getting into its grave – it has seen it all.

 We age with time, but time does not. Its strides remain brisk forever. We say Good time and Bad time. But good or bad – all times pass.

Time is indifferent about whatever happens to an individual or society as a whole. We cannot expedite birth or delay death. But it is the best healer of hurt by losing dear ones. Perhaps, this emotionlessness and agelessness were conceptualised by the ancient Indians as “Mahakaal”.

Time could not be invented. It was discovered by ancient Egyptians when they designed the Sun Dial. It gave only the daytime. Timekeeping by Hour-Glass was invented by Greeks in 325 B.C. The Romans used to tell the time by Water Clock. But what today we understand by time was discovered by Scottish Geologist James Hutton, who measured the age of the Earth.  

The clock was invented in Netherland by Christian Huygens in 1656. Since then, it has become a part of human life. But the universe has its own clock. The Sun, Moon and Stars rise and set in time. Seasons come and go in time, giving us fruits, crops and flowers. Even living beings have a body clock. Birth, childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity, ageing and death happen with a continuous flow of time. We call it the cycle of life.  

If you think the discipline of time is all-pervasive. If we follow it, we survive and prosper.


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