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Defenceless Creatures with Great Compassion

It was tea time. By mistake, my hand hit my cup and very little tea split out of it on the table. But that was good enough to trigger my wife’s tongue into full action.

Along with the words pouring like monsoon rain, her hands were moving threateningly like a giant windmill.. I was sitting across quietly like a frog in a hailstorm; unsuccessfully trying to take shelter under a tiny mushroom. 

One such hand movement toppled her full cup of tea on the tabletop and the liquid rolled everywhere with lightning speed.

The brown liquid dripped on her lap as well even before she could react. I fixed my gaze to the ceiling fan above, pretending as if I could not see anything.

Then suddenly her facial expression changed. She had a broad smile on her face as if something very funny had happened. 

She asked me, “I wonder why such accidents happen?”

I replied, “God sitting above watches everything. Sometimes he dispenses justice to defenceless creatures with great compassion.”

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