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Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction to save our Earth The word ‘sustainable’ denotes judicious usage of the earth’s resources to make the earth a better place to live for ourselves and our coming generations. However, unfortunately, the construction industry and its ancillary industries are instrumental in creating a giant carbon footprint in India through the rampant usage ofContinue reading “Sustainable Construction”

Anxiety Disorder- A Bane of Modern Times

Anxiety Disorder – A Bane of Modern Times “A constrictive feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome” or “a strong desire that something should or should not happen leading to mental malady”– are the words the dictionary tries to describe anxiety. It is a part of the different emotions, i.e.Continue reading “Anxiety Disorder- A Bane of Modern Times”

Full Body Scanners in Airports

Reason for Full Body Scanners in Airports across the globe For several decades now, Airlines have been grappling with the problem of hijackers. These criminals or fanatics use the threat to blow up an aeroplane with passengers and crew on board to make the authorities give in to their demands.  Transport Security Administration The jobContinue reading “Full Body Scanners in Airports”

A Lesser Know Manali

Lesser Known Manali, a Perfect Summer Vacation Introducton. We all know that Manali is one of the most beautiful places of India and it is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations too. The naturally radiant weather, lofty mountain peaks and lovely greenery of the place is something that probably every traveller in India is familiarContinue reading “A Lesser Know Manali”

Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits

The Story of Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits Sticker pasted on fruits is a usual sight in the market. We usually believe that fruits pasted with stickers are really of high quality. We seldom care to read what is actually written on the stickers. But if we do, we will find that such stickers conveyContinue reading “Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits”