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Anxiety Disorder- A Bane of Modern Times

Anxiety Disorder – A Bane of Modern Times “A constrictive feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome” or “a strong desire that something should or should not happen leading to mental malady”– are the words the dictionary tries to describe anxiety. It is a part of the different emotions, i.e.Continue reading “Anxiety Disorder- A Bane of Modern Times”


Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits

The Story of Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits Sticker pasted on fruits is a usual sight in the market. We usually believe that fruits pasted with stickers are really of high quality. We seldom care to read what is actually written on the stickers. But if we do, we will find that such stickers conveyContinue reading “Tiny Stickers Pasted on Fruits”