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The Indian New Year

The Significance of the Indian New Year The second day of April is celebrated as Indian New Year.  Navratri (Nine Auspicious Nights) also starts on this date. Let us appreciate the significance of this sacred date: As per Brahma Puran, this is the day when Lord Brahma had started creating the Earth and its inhabitants. This wasContinue reading “The Indian New Year”

Did Gandhari Really Deliver 101 Children?

DID QUEEN GANDHARI REALLY LOVE HER HUSBAND AND ACTUALLY DELIVER 101 CHILDREN? Shakuni was the only surviving brother of Gandhari. Earlier, I wrote a blog on Shakuni, explaining why he was an admirable man, not a crafty conspirator. Now let us talk about Gandhari, the so-called mother of 101 Kaurav siblings. After losing his chance toContinue reading “Did Gandhari Really Deliver 101 Children?”


The word Thanatophobia is a combination of two Greek words. ‘Thanatos’ is the name of the Greek God of Death. ‘Phobos’ is the word for ‘fear’ in the Greek language. Therefore, Thanatophobia means ‘Fear of Death or dying process”. This is a mental condition. People who suffer Thanatophobia worry excessively about death and the actContinue reading “Thanatophobia”