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Behind Book ‘Rear View Mirror’

Amit Kumar Goswami is a quiet person who likes to steer clear of controversies and arguments. He is a sensitive observer and his pen does the story telling about what he observes while never being judgemental. His infective emotional intensity makes the reader involved enough to be mentally participate in the story he tells. Perhaps he carries the genes of literature in his blood.

Born in 1947 in the family of a very middle class family of educationists, he grew up in a literary environment. His father was a scholar and a writer who taught Bengali literature in an eminent university as the Head of Department. His maternal grandfather and an uncle were also renowned professors and authors. He himself did his master’s degree in English literature. But some other things he has in his genes that he did not inherit. It is his spirit of adventure and undying wanderlust. This prompted him to join the Indian Air Force as a commissioned officer in 1970.

In the IAF he did his duties well, but he never allowed the sensitivity of mind die off in the rough and tough military environment. The frequent postings all over India allowed him to know people of different states as they are right in their homes. He realised that joys and sorrows of all are the same despite their cultural and language differences. In the secular environment of the Armed Forces, he participated in Durga Puja, Gurupurav, Christmas and Eid with equal fervour endearing himself to all. On the other hand his sensitive heart absorbed all the pain and fears while looking after young family of his friend when the friend never returned home after an air crash. Once he had to do a so called puja and pose as a Guru to convince a young mother, when no one was able to take away the body of her dead child from her lap. 

He is a die-hard learner and he learnt varied subject and excelled wherever his colourful career took him. During the last leg of service he was deeply into indigenous substitution of expensive airborne spares and other imported military wares. After retirement he manufactured bulletproof jackets, sold life insurance and mutual funds, gave consultancy on establishing and running a tourist resort, advised on health through the practice of reiki, molecular Ayurveda and much more. All these immensely enriched his mind.

He communicates well and makes friends easily. He can set frequency with old and young with equal ease. Perhaps that is why he avoids mentioning his rank of Wing Commander to appear as close to the next door neighbour as possible.  Now right at the ripe old age of 73 he drives around different places of the Himalayas to communicate with nature and God. He also likes to share his rich experience through his writings. “Rear View Mirror” is the first book which he has  recently published and many more will follow.


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